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Mutual Boiler Re Becomes First Reinsurer to Pay for Insureds' Clients Boiler and Pressure Vessel Certificate Fees and Inspection Costs in Nine U.S. Jurisdictions

Loss Example: Dry Cleaners

Typical Loss:

Crack in weld portion of vertical firetube boiler

  • • Shutdown for repair
  • • Three days of downtime
Property Damage:


Business Interruption:


Jurisdictional Inspections

Many states, provinces, counties and local governments mandate regular inspections of boilers and various machinery to ensure operating integrity. As a member of the FM Global group, Mutual Boiler Re can assist policyholders in meeting inspection obligations and maintaining the validity of jurisdictional operating certifications.

In a flexible and efficient manner, we work with your policyholders to identify and reduce risks associated with boilers and pressure vessels. Our streamlined process has been designed to achieve the highest industry standards as well as provide cost-effective solutions.

FM Global inspectors are licensed by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors to perform inspections, saving customers the expensive costs of having inspections performed by local jurisdictional authorities.

If you have questions concerning jurisdictional inspections, please call our Inspection Hotline (1)866 594 1257.